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Happy Hour DJ Service featuring DJ Eddie 

Detroit Wedding & Event DJ Prices

A big benefit of having DJ Eddie for your event is PRICE!
Because we do so little paid advertising (no bridal shows or media), and manage our own website/social media, you get Top Level entertainment for several hundred dollars less than similar level competitors.

No gimmicks... To provide a consistently exceptional performance/show, certain things need to happen. DJ Eddie doesn't compromise, or leave anything to chance, thus we have all-inclusive pricing for formal events, noting:

Event Planning:

* Pre-Event Consultation(s) covering every detail and music.
* Personal Online Event Planner
* On-Line Music Library

Professional Services:

* Formal (or per your specifications) Attire
* Master of Ceremonies
* Cocktail Music
* Dinner Music
* Continuous Dance Music (no breaks)
* On-Site Event Coordination or Assistance (if you already have a Coordinator)
* Set-Up Before Guests Arrive (unless prohibited by hall)

Professional Equipment:

* Top Of The Line Commercial Sound System with 2 Speakers
* Wireless Microphone(s) for Toasts and Other Announcements
* On-Site Back-Up Equipment

Light Stands / Trussing (Only With DJ Eddie):

* One to Two Light Stands Providing Illumination from up to 10' Overlooking the Dance Floor


* 4 to 8 - Par Lights (LED or Old School)
* 1 - Controller for Light Control

Pricing varies by date, time, location, and type of event. If you fill out an inquiry form (see below), with details, we will send you a quote for your event. General pricing information is available below.

Is DJ Eddie Available For Your Date?

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Pricing For All 2019 & 2020 Dates!

The Following Include The Personal Service of DJ Eddie

Wedding Receptions

DJ Eddie - Dearborn InnPRICING

2019 & 2020 Events: $999 for up to 6 Hours!
Includes LED Dance Floor Lights.

2019 & 2020 Events: $1199
Includes Ceremony Sound System & Music and Reception Package

Click here to visit our Wedding Ceremony Page

2019 & 2020 $199 - Your choice of DVD or USB Flash Drive
* Only available with any DJ Package

LED Uplights
$15 Per Fixture With Any DJ Package (see Rental Page for stand-alone).
Your choice of color(s). Up to 16 available.

Custom LED Monogram Gobo Projected on Wall, Floor or Ceiling

Corporate and most other Special Events

2019 & 2020 Events: $899 for up to 6 Hours!
Includes LED Dance Floor Lighting

Graduation Parties

2019 & 2020 Events: $799 for up to 6 Hours
Includes LED Dance Floor Lighting

Karaoke (monitor and up to 4 wireless mics)
Add $60

Location of event must be in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair, or Lapeer County. Ann Arbor area also included.

If your event takes place outside these areas, the discount is still valid, but a travel charge will be applied.

FAQ:  Why are weddings more expensive?

Answer:  For informal events, pre-event meetings are quick and sometimes can be done by phone.
Corporate events require a little more preparation, there may be speeches, other forms of entertainment (or events) to coordinate & prepare for, and they usually require formal appearance.
DJ Eddie spends over 20 hours (meetings, preparation, set-up, performance, tear-down & driving) on each wedding.

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