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Happy Hour DJ Service featuring DJ Eddie 


It's a FACT:
Music can 'make or break' an event.

FACT:  DJ Eddie carries out over 100,000 titles to each and every performance. Ironically enough, under 100 of which will actually be played during a six hour event (but they're there if needed). From big band and standards to the current Top 40, we have it all!

FACT:  Knowledge, experience and communication skills are the #1,2 & 3 qualities of a great Special Event DJ. But, they mean nothing without a deep library of music, along with the ability to know which songs in that library will make every moment shine during an event. DJ Eddie brings all of the above to every performance!

FACT: DJ Eddie carries such a wide diversity of music (along with an experienced keen ability to 'read' crowds), that he actually plays each event as an original evening of entertainment, catering specifically to you and your guests, not from a pre-conceived list, unlike many others.
Have you noticed how often you hear the same music at different wedding receptions?  It doesn't have to be that way!

FACT:  When guests make requests to DJ Eddie, it's just about certain that he'll have it!